About us


Sanjin Imanic

Bachelor of Kinesiology, Graduate Exercise Professional, Personal Trainer

Thanks to my parents, I have discovered skiing at the age of 3. That was my window and intro to the world of sport.
Later throughout the years I trained different sports like football, tennis, table tennis, handball, swimming, skiing, water polo and basketball. Fitness and exercising as basis for any sport was always part of my life and I remember school breaks in fifth grade when I competed with my friends who can do more pushups.

Love for the active life lead me to obtain Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Because I wanted to specialize in personal training, I finished personal training education on European level and I was listed in European Register of Exercise Professionals, first as Personal Trainer (Level 4) and then as Graduate Exercise Professional (Level 6).
Even though I didn’t achieve my dream of becoming professional basketball player, it turned into something different, and that is the best job in the world for me – helping people to transform their lives.

What differs me from other trainers is my specialty and that is SIMPLICITY. With that principle I lead my life and my business because simple things are always the best. Unfortunately today, most people are trying to complicate things, especially in the field of exercising, health and nutrition, so I want to help everyone who is reading this in the simplest way possible and that way is usually the fastest and the best.

For the past 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their lives. Through online personal training, personal training, seminars, workshops, videos and blogs, I strive to help as many people I can to make significant changes in their lives, no matter how small or how big.
We all have to deal with difficulties in our lives, but as Mahatma Ghandi said: Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from indomitable will.

There isn’t anything that we can’t achieve if we put our minds to it. Usually we just whine and blame others but no one is to blame for our situation besides ourselves – our life views and our actions.
So keep your head high, breathe deeply and walk bravely through life.

Sanja Imanic

Master of Marketing Management, Fitness Media Marketing

Since long as I can remember I had love and passion for animals and they were my window into the active life. I started horse-riding when I was 7, but my professional horseback riding career started at the age of 19.
During my horseback riding career I trained different sports like tennis, basketball and skiing. I seriously started fitness training by going to Crossfit box, which was one of the most exciting parts of my life. After sustaining injury to the knee during skiing, fitness training was the main reason that accelerated my recovery.
Love for the horses lead me to open equestrian club with my sister and of course with the help of our parents, where I started giving horseback riding lessons (after acquiring Galop 5 license in France) to people and especially kids so they can experience the joy of connecting with these majestic animals.

After I obtained Master’s degree in Economics (Marketing Manager), we broaden our business in nature and opened a rural style restaurant to offer people a chance to spend best part of their day in beautiful nature surroundings and enjoy our food prepared with love.
All animals were and still are a big part of my life, but horses will always have a special place in my heart. My favorite life quote came from spending my time with animals: Those who teach us the most about humanity aren’t always humans.

I always had a passion for fitness and training, and I love helping people TO FEEL THEIR BEST. The best way for that is through training and nutrition.